These are some of my favorite photographs that I've taken over the years.

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Fall scenery in northwestern Wisconsin Hibiscus blossom
Study Buddy (1)
Study Buddy (2)
N.W. Wisconsin Fall Scene
Hot Air Balloon 1
Hot Air Balloon 2
Hot Air Balloon 3
Deer Herd across the street
Mom & Me in '53
Mom & Dad & Me in '53
Yellow Poplar (Tulip) Tree
Yellow Poplar (Tulip) Tree
Nature's Snow Cone


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1958 Ford Fairlane 500 "Skyliner" Only 35,029 of these were produced
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See video of roof retracting here

1956 Chevy BelAir Coupe
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Thousands of birds flock in the back yard - December 5, 2007
Tree Angel 2007
The ornament from our first XMAS together in 1976
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Lighted wreaths on our house - December 7, 2007
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Pekin Park Lagoon
View of the Pekin park pavilion at night
Another view of Park pavilion and lagoon at night.
Glass block with lights and bows
Another view of glass block decoration
Another view of glass block decoration
Any box looks like a bed when you're a cat
Two laptops
Red Shouldered Hawk
Raymond J. Franz celebrating his 87th birthday
Ray and his sister Helen

Santa Goose in the first snow of the season - 12/6/08


Memo from work
Rural cemetery in Bedford County
Robin's eggs - 6-5-09
Mama robin
Julia Belle Swain - August 1982
Wooden motorcycle carving - LA 1984
USS Constitution - Boston May 1984
Goldfinch picking thistle down for nest
Flamingos in Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC
Cooking fresh mushrooms on the kerosene heater
Ted on Christmas Day - 2009
Star filter on sunset - 01-01-10
Ted enjoying the glowing warmth of the fireplace - 1-03-10
Taj Mahal hotel and Gateway of India - November 1997
Matt celebrates his 27th birthday with his grandfather.
The third generation of the Franzes
Castle Liebenstien, Rhine Germany. October 2001.
Salzburg Cemetery
Gates at Mirabel Gardens, Salzburg
Jenner by the sea, California. The Russian river
meets the Pacific Ocean. October 2003.