Spring 2009 in Lynchburg, VA
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Star Magnolia
Forsythia in Old City Cemetery
Bradford Pears and tulips - March 21, 2009
Bradford Pears form a canopy on
Fifth Street in Lynchburg
Another view of forsythia at
Old City Cemetery - March 30, 2009
Creeping phlox
Delicate flowering trees at Court Street Methodist
Crabapples on Commerce Street
Japanese Crabapples in Old City Cemetery
Tulips on Fifth Street
Tulips at City Market
Kwanzan Cherry Trees on Court Street in Lynchburg
Dogwood with Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance
Same photo in the sun
Pink dogwood blossoms
Yellow-green pollen coats everything
Red and white azaleas in Old City Cemetery
White azaleas
Peonies in Old City Cemetery - April 30, 2009
Raindrops on Iris - OCC May 6, 2009
Wild Locust
The last of the tree peonies - May 8, 2009
Kousa dogwood
Peonies in scatter garden - OCC
Butterfly garden in OCC
Water lily
Fallen catalpa blossoms carpet the ground
Catalpa trees line the road in OCC
A four o'clock bloom just after a rain. July 5, 2009
Hibiscus after a rain shower - July 20, 2009