The Lynchburg American Legion
Post 16 Honor Guard

The uniformed group performed military
rites 167 times for veterans in 2007

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A small family cemetery in the foothills of the
Blue Ridge Mountains near the Peaks of Otter in Bedford
The bugler warms up
The Legion's new van

In addition to the time required to drive to and from the service,
the honor guard spends a lot of time waiting at the cemetery,
as they always arrive well ahead of time to be prepared.
One honor guard participant jokingly said, "When I die I don't want to be put in a cemetery. I have already spent too much time in them."

"ATTENTION" command is called
The "Port Arms" command is called
The command to fire
After three volleys, the bugler plays TAPS as the other members salute
The flag is folded and will be presented to the family
The group stands at parade rest as the flag is folded
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Preparing the flag
The Honor Guard Chaplain waits for his turn
The Honor Guard chaplain delivers the
tribute to the departed comrade
A final salute. Farewell, fallen comrade
Three rifle volleys are fired
The Sergeant-at-Arms salutes as TAPS is played
and the rifle squad stands at "present arms"
The flag is folded as the younger generations look on
The group departs
No words needed
Ray Franz & Jim Rucker, our Sergeant-at-arms
Jim & Robert
Raymond J. Franz - December 1, 2007

A veteran carefully adjusts a flag on a grave

Getting ready to go
Looking at tombstones
Amherst Cemetery, July 27, 2008