Before the days of neon and lighted signs, businesses would advertise by painting signs on their buildings. These were the forerunners of billboards.

It's amazing to me how long some of these signs have survived the elements over the years. Some are over 75 years old.

I will add to this collection as I find other old signs around town.

Updated May 15, 2013

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Coke sign on Cabell street - 11-03-09
A former ghost sign recently redone - Sept. 22. 2009
Recently demolished building reveals
Coca-Cola sign on Fifth Street
Ideal Laundry and something else underneath
Sunbeam Bakery - Taylor Street
J.A. Mc Gregor Dry goods, Millinery, etc.
10th Street Lynchburg 2/19/09
Building Supply
902 Main Street. This sign was revealed after the
CVS Pharamcy closed and removed their sign.
August 3, 2008
Brightwell's Mill in Amherst County
Not a brick building, but a ghost sign nonetheless.
Service Printing and Schewel's Warehouse
Ninth and Church Street
Fruits and Vegetables at 1000 Jefferson Street
One Thousand Jefferson Street
Harvester Trucks - Commerce Street
Academy of Music - Main Street
Bailey Spencer Hardware - Commerce Street
Davis Produce Co. Jefferson Street
Drugs and Sundries
Commerce Street
Davidson Brothers
Jefferson Street
Kinnier Montgomery Co.
Wholesale Crockery and Glassware
Jefferson Street
Virginia Laundry Co, Inc. "Fire-proof House of Sunshine"
Not sure what that means.
Unknown- too faded out to read. On Twelfth Street.
"Office Salem Street" is all that is that can be discerned
On Twelfth Street
The signs on the former Coca-Cola bottling works building
were recently repainted by the grandson of the original artisan.
Lynchburg DIamond Ice Factory and Cold Storage. Demolished April 2008
A close-up of the sign
The Piedmont Flour Mills building on Jefferson Street
At Fifth and Federal
Lynchburg Storage on Commerce Street.
Now a part of the Craddock Terry Hotel
and conference center
The Virginia Steam Baking Company
Craddock Terry West End Factory - The old Lukens building
Craddock Terry Fort Hill Plant
Another view of Craddock Terry Fort Hill Plant
Barker Jennings on Campbell Avenue
It says "Wholesale" something.
Now the offices of Lynchburg Human Services
Although technically not a "ghost sign" this newly renovated
building opened as a hotel and conference center continues
the tradition of signs painted on on the building
Peoples National Bank - 8th and Main
The smokestack from an ancient greenhouse
"Family Shopping" is faintly visible on this building
in the 900 block of Main Streed
Murrys in Charlottesville VA - November 26, 2007
Charlottesville Hardware Store on Main Street - November 26, 2007
Coca Cola and other ads - Charlottesville VA - November 26, 2007
Drakes Branch, VA - January 8, 2008
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Butcher Block - Commerce Street January 30, 2008
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Lower Washington Street - Lynchburg May 30, 2008
N & W Overall Factory - Dunbar Street Lynchburg

Crutchfield's Dry Cleaners and Dyers - 12th Street Lynchburg

American Beauty Mattress Company - Dunbar Street Lynchburg
The rear of 620 Commerce Street
Building supply store. Get your asbestos siding here!

"CONES" ? Co. Twelfth and Buchanan Lynchburg
Livery stable and carriage company - February 9, 2013
Electronics Service - 12th and Buchanan