Tuesday, November 4.

The day (Tuesday) began with the trip to the facility again by private car. The trip today was by the back roads to avoid the traffic. This route took us past areas of people living in lean-tos, shacks, tents, under trees, anywhere that offered some sort of shelter. The floors are dirt and no furniture is visible, except maybe a table or platform for cooking . People urinate and defecate anywhere that is convenient without regard for sanitation. The streets are lined with shops that sell everything imaginable, with open sewers running in front of the shops. Open fires burn , presumably to eliminate garbage. The smoke from these fires, automobile and truck exhaust, garbage, incense, and open sewers combine to produce a smell unlike anything I have ever encountered. It is amazing that people can live in these conditions. Anyone that thinks that they have it tough back home should spend some time here.

Class here is going well, with the people eagerly absorbing the material that is presented, and asking good questions. We spent some time yesterday afternoon in one of the other buildings trying to get access to our network to process E-Mail. We had to go to this facility because it is one of the few that are set up to allow international dialing. The PCS technical people have set up an account for each of us on their server and we will then modify our E-Mail processes to forward any new messages to this account and also retain them on our local server. This way, we will be able to process messages and avoid the costly telephone charges associated with dial-up access. Lunch was served to us. It consisted of tomato soup and a vegetable-based food called a 'cutlet.' It was well-spiced and quite tasty.

As the afternoon draws to a close, I am totally exhausted. Jet lag is very noticeable. We agree to meet for dinner at 7:30 at the Italian restaurant at the hotel. I manage to sleep a bit before dinner. We joined Linda Anderson and her mother who had arrived the day after we did. Linda had stayed in Frankfurt to wait for her mother. They were originally supposed to travel with us, but weather delays caused her mother to be routed through different airports. Their travel experience was a nightmare compared to ours, including missed flights (one of them by 10 minutes) and lost luggage. We had a very nice dinner and I returned to my room around 9:30 and immediately went to bed.

Open sewer
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